Providing comprehensive services to Native students, their parents, and educators of Native American students.


To provide culturally rich events, programs, and resources designed to develop healthy, highly educated, informed, and productive Native American leaders: at home, at school, and in the community.

SIENA’s vision is that all Native Americans would be healthy, productive, self-sufficient, and confident individuals who serve their communities and society

Organizational Goals

  • Provide comprehensive services to Native students, their parents, and educators of Native American students.
  • Endorse culturally-relevant professional development opportunities and resources for educators.
  • Provide additional resources and conferences for students and parents, utilizing community, business, and college partnerships.
  • Provide and promote high-quality educational programs and resources to help Arizona’s Native population attain the highest level of academic achievement in the state.

Areas of Influence:

In order to achieve quality resources for Native students, parents, and educators, SIENA focuses on six Areas of Influence: Education, Mental Health, Physical Health, Physical Fitness, Youth Advisory Council, and History and Culture.                    

SIENA is continually developing programs, resources, and services. In addition to the conferences and fitness events we already offer, we are committed to provide the following services which are incorporated in our Areas of Influence:

  • Apprenticeship
  • Computer Lab
  • Counseling
  • Cultural Center
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial aid
  • Library
  • Membership opportunities
  • Professional development
  • SIENA Kids Club
  • Social interaction
  • Sport leagues and clubs
  • Statistical information
  • Student mentoring programs
  • Supplemental classes
  • Tutoring
  • Website


As a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, it is SIENA’s mission to provide culturally rich educational events, programs, and resources that promote health and well-being, resulting in highly educated, informed, and productive Native Americans.

As a member of SIENA, you will have ample opportunity to serve the community, a centuries old Native American tradition.                    

SIENA offers four events per year and more are in the planning stages. Volunteer positions are always available.                    

Serving on program development committees is another way in which members may support SIENA’s mission.                    

Sharing your knowledge and expertise as a conference presenter or panel member would be a great contribution of human resources.  If you are an artist or musician, donating silent auction items to SIENA’s annual fund-raiser or offering your services as an entertainer can benefit both you and SIENA.    

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$25.00 Earth Level

Membership card
SIENA T-shirt

$50.00 Sun Level

Membership card
SIENA Polo Shirt
10% discount on SIENA events for one year

$100.00 Sky Level (Educational Agency)

Sun Level Benefits
10% discount for all tribal representatives at SIENA events for one year

$1000.00 Spirit Level (Tribes and Indian Nations)

Sun Level Benefits
15% discount for all tribal representatives at SIENA events for one year
20% employee discount for Heard Museum membership for one year

$2500.00 SIENA Level (Private Corporations/Businesses)

Spirit Level Benefits
20% discount for all tribal representatives at SIENA events for one year
20% employee discount for Heard Museum membership for one year
Six additional passes to the Heard Museum
Annual Sponsorship Package:
Exhibitor space at SIENA conferences
Corporate logo on back of SIENA t-shirts, polo shirts, and backpacks
Corporate name, logo and web link on SIENA web site
Corporate logo on materials associated with annual Take Charge! – Native American Youth Today and Early Childhood Intervention Conferences

NOTE: At Spirit and SIENA Levels, choose a Heard Museum level from $60 to $500 for which you will receive a 20% SIENA member discount. Contact Nadine Groenig at 623-370-3561 for Heard Museum membership application.
Tax Deductions
All of the above membership levels receive a tax deduction based on gift amount and monetary value of benefits received. Option is available to decline benefits and receive full tax deduction. Mark “Decline benefits” in application.

$12.00 SIENA Kids Club Membership (8 – 12 years of age)

Membership Card
SIENA Backpack
SIENA T-shirt
School Supplies

$15.00 SIENA Youth Club (Membership (13 – 17 years of age)

Kids Club Benefits
2 Harkins Theatre Passes

As a SIENA Kids Club member, you can receive tutoring services or the opportunity to be matched with a mentor. As a SIENA Youth Club member, you can have a voice in the type of programs and services that SIENA offers by serving on the Youth Advisory Council.                    

Students can tap into their creative side by helping to create the annual SIENA calendar or newsletter.                    

Opportunities to participate in fitness activities and outings are other ways to benefit from a SIENA membership. The possibilities are virtually endless!    



Our committed board members and CEO provide the foundation of seeking the best resources and opportunities for Native communities throughout the United States.

TJ Hansell Board President

Chief Visionary  Hansell Group

Steve Ninham Board Member

Board Member General Manager – Radison Hotel & Conference Center Green Bay

Dr. JoAnn Ahlemeyer, DNP Board Member

Military Veteran & Nurse Practitioner

Nadine Groenig Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer and the Founder of SIENA