SIENA Membership Information

As a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, it is SIENA's mission to provide culturally rich educational events, programs, and resources that promote health and well-being, resulting in highly educated, informed, and productive Native Americans.

Service Opportunities through Membership

As a member of SIENA, you will have ample opportunity to serve the community, a centuries old Native American tradition.

SIENA offers four events per year and more are in the planning stages. Volunteer positions are always available.

Serving on program development committees is another way in which members may support SIENA’s mission.

Sharing your knowledge and expertise as a conference presenter or panel member would be a great contribution of human resources.

If you are an artist or musician, donating silent auction items to SIENA’s annual fund-raiser or offering your services as an entertainer can benefit both you and SIENA.

SIENA Kids Club

As a SIENA Kids Club member, you can receive tutoring services or the opportunity to be matched with a mentor. As a SIENA Youth Club member, you can have a voice in the type of programs and services that SIENA offers by serving on the Youth Advisory Council.

Students can tap into their creative side by helping to create the annual SIENA calendar or newsletter.

Opportunities to participate in fitness activities and outings are other ways to benefit from a SIENA membership. The possibilities are virtually endless!